Commercial cleaning is a broad term predominantly used by cleaning companies who earn an income by being contracted by individuals, businesses, or corporations to carry out cleaning jobs in a variety of premises. Cleaning companies can be found in virtually every town and city in the world, with a higher concentration in affluent regions. Typically these companies market their services via a professional sales force, advertising, word of mouth, or websites.

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According to a report by the Home Office, there were 30,693 house fires in the year ending September 2018. After a fire in the home or at a business premises, the priority is to return the property back to its pre-incident condition as soon as possible, so fire restoration services by a professional company are … Continue reading "4 Ways we can help your property recover after a fire"

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No, you cannot stay in your house during asbestos removal. However, asbestos is only dangerous when it’s able to be airborne so there are certain periods where you can still live in the home during the asbestos removal process. But most experts recommend no one staying in the home during asbestos removal until the work […]

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27-year-old Jennie Mills, owner of Rainbow International Derbyshire, a disaster recovery and specialist cleaning service for businesses and homeowners with 61 units across the UK, has been shortlisted for Young Female Franchisee of the Year at the 2019 bfa HSBC Franchise Awards. The event, hosted by the British Franchise Association (bfa), recognises those in franchising … Continue reading "Rainbow International Derbyshire Franchisee – Jennie Mills shortlisted for national award"

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ISS Restoration hosted its third annual Customer Seminar & Networking Lunch recently at the iconic London landmark, St Paul’s Cathedral. This event was supported by over 50 UK insurance industry guests and by key staff from within ISS’s Restoration business. The seminar these was ‘Customer Experience’ to celebrate ISS Restoration, incorporating the Rainbow International brand, … Continue reading "ISS Restoration – Customer Seminar 2018"

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When you are a commercial property owner that has leased or has rented out a business, you will have control or management of that property. Use this checklist to help you find and even identify asbestos in your building. Learn when the building was built. Asbestos was a big insulation and construction material for buildings […]

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Welcome to Native Environmental LLC. In this post we discover everything you need to know about Asbestos. Unfortunately, you can find asbestos in a variety of household items. Below will tell you where you should look. Identifying asbestos Asbestos got its name from the Greek word meaning inextinguishable. It has been used as an inexpensive […]

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Learn how to remove mold by using this handy guide. Having a mold infestation can ruin your health and your home. Having mold can also cause more problems than it is really worth by just ignoring it. This article will show you just how you can remove it without wasting your time and money. Most […]

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You can find many different types of mold in facilities. Each of these molds can cause different types of health issues, it all depends on the type of mold one is exposed to. Although there are as many as one-hundred (if not more) different types of molds that can be found in your facility, here […]

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If you are Googling “Industrial Cleaner Job Description“, this post is for you! Industrial cleaner jobs will fall under a broader category of cleaners and janitors, except housekeeping and maid cleaners. The information that is in this article will apply to all careers within this category, but it may not directly apply to the career […]

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If you are searching for the answer to “What Is Industrial Cleaning?” , this post should help! In this post we will explore what industrial cleaning is, what industrial cleaning companies do, and what an industrial cleaner’s job description is. What Is Industrial Cleaning? Simply stated, industrial cleaning is the act of cleaning hazardous areas […]

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