Commercial cleaning is a broad term predominantly used by cleaning companies who earn an income by being contracted by individuals, businesses, or corporations to carry out cleaning jobs in a variety of premises. Cleaning companies can be found in virtually every town and city in the world, with a higher concentration in affluent regions. Typically these companies market their services via a professional sales force, advertising, word of mouth, or websites.

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With the many changes in washing machines and laundry detergent, knowing how much detergent to use on your clothes can be a bit tricky. Newer washing machines like high-efficiency (HE) washers require far less detergent, and if you’re using pods or more potent detergents, you’ll be using far less detergent than you otherwise would. To […]

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If you have sewage from your toilet backing up into tub or shower, you’ll obviously want to fix this immediately. Most often, this type of backup is caused by a clog in the main sewer line. If it’s not a clog in the main line, then it could be a clog in the shared drain […]

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Did you know that unclogging a drain can be as easy as throwing some salt or baking soda down it? If you have a sink draining slowly in a bathroom or kitchen, you can learn how to unclog it with our top clogged drain hacks below. Check them out for some cool and simple ways […]

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With a few basic tools and the right supplies, installing a gas stove is a relatively easy job to do yourself. Following a good how-to guide with the right materials, you will be able to effectively and safely do the job in a short duration of time, and without having to hire a professional. We’ll […]

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Not too long ago, convection ovens were all the rage for passionate cookers and bakers. They weren’t often seen outside of professional kitchens, but were thought to cook far better than regular ovens. Today, just about every modern kitchen has one, or at least the option to select convection baking, but very few actually know […]

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Knowing how to save water at home is not only important for our ecosystem, but it’s also a big help on your monthly bill. With droughts becoming more common it’s important for us to not take our clean water for granted, but instead start practicing better ways to save water. Repurpose Water Start learning how […]

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There are countless ways to learn how to reduce electric bill. We shared a few on here already but for some of us, we get so excited about saving that we can’t stop with just a few suggestions. So we’ve rounded up a few more tips to help you save on your electric bill. Before […]

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If you’ve started to notice dust gathering quickly on your furniture, or have lost an item or two down a floor register, you may find that cleaning out your air ducts is an impending necessity. Fortunately, air duct cleaning isn’t that difficult with the right tools, and can quickly become a regular DIY chore. Not […]

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In recent years, we’ve seen an influx of stackable laundry appliances that are more modern and convenient than those of yesteryear. These compact washers and dryers have become the perfect solution for those living in smaller spaces (like urban apartments) or those who have started downsizing now that they’re empty nesters. These chic appliances offer […]

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When it comes to protecting your home, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best of the best from your home warranty company, and not simply going with what your real estate agent suggests. There are several home warranty companies to choose from, but which one really is the best? To help you […]

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Most of us know about the myriad of insurances available: auto, home, renters, etc. The list is vast. But there is another thing that you can invest in to help protect yourself and your home: a home buyers warranty (HBW). Buying a new (or new to you) home is a stressful thing, but real estate […]

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If you’ve just moved into a new-to-you home or are getting ready to move out, there’s a chance that you have a hole or two in your walls. Whether from an accident or hanging shelves or pictures, these unsightly holes may need to be filled. Patching drywall isn’t too difficult and is a great skill […]

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Knowing how to read water meter can be a very helpful skill to learn. For instance, you can use the water meter to figure out how much water your household uses on a daily basis. To do so, read your meter at the start of the day and again at the end of the day […]

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How to get stains out of carpet is an age-old question that has plagued many a homeowner. The frustration that comes with it can cause many people to just ditch carpet altogether and go for an easier cleaning floor material, like tile or wood. But for those of you who love the luxurious, soft feel […]

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Seeing a high electricity bill this month? Looking for ways to bring that nasty number down? Easy peasy. There are several things you can do each and every day to help you save electricity so you can not only save a little bit on your monthly bit but so you can also cut back on […]

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A garbage disposal is a wonderful appliance. Rather than having to deal with disgusting food refuse stinking up your kitchen garbage can, you simply wash the excess scraps down the sink, turn on the disposal, and let the grinding blades take care of everything. And if you’ve ever lived anywhere without one, you know how […]

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Today, most modern homes are kept cool with the use of an air conditioning system. These systems draw heat energy out of our homes, transfers it to the outside air and replaces it with cooler air. Air conditioners can not only change the temperature of our homes, it can also change the humidity and overall […]

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Staying cool during the warm months can be difficult (and that’s an understatement). But before you give up and just sweat your life away, there are some really great tips we’ve collected to teach you how to cool a room. Generally, knowing how to cool down a room can come down to a few basic […]

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Don’t feel like calling a plumber? You may not have to. Fixing toilet problems yourself is actually pretty easy. We’ll walk you through how to fix a toilet focusing on some of the most common problems every household experiences. Fix a Running Toilet A running toilet is probably the most common problem you’ll face. And […]

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Have you noticed that your hot showers are getting shorter and less steamy? If this is the case, there’s a chance your water heater is losing some of its potency. But don’t worry, you don’t need to completely buy a brand new one or suffer through cold showers. You can easily learn how to drain […]

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Whether you’re looking to scale down a large-growing species or give a shaggy tree a bit of a haircut, smart trimming can improve any tree’s appearance. Some trees can even show off their beautiful flowers or attractive bark better when effectively pruned. Take the time to learn how to trim a tree to give your […]

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